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Your Message, Our Mission.

Have you ever wondered why some emails and SMS messages are so effective that customers not only read them but also take action? This is the result of well-designed campaigns that we know like the back of our hands.

Welcome to TabulaMedia - your expert in creating and running e-mail and SMS campaigns that not only inform, but also convert.

Why Mailing and SMS?

Speed ​​of Action - SMS messages are read on average within 3 minutes of receipt, which offers an immediate response to your messages.

Accuracy Hits - By sending personalized messages to well-segmented groups, your messages land where they need to be

Conversion - Effective email and SMS campaigns drive sales, increase brand awareness and build loyalty.

Active Campaigne - Our Choice, Your Benefit

Active Campaigne is one of the world's leading solutions in the field of mailing systems, which is confirmed by numerous industry awards and positive customer opinions.

As a reseller of one of the highest-rated mailing platforms in the world - Active Campaigne, we provide you with access to technology that is second to none:


Advanced automation features enable you to configure complex customer journeys with minimal effort.


Advanced analysis and segmentation of the mailing list guarantee that your messages will reach the right recipients.


Possibility to adapt the content of e-mails and SMS to the customer's individual needs and preferences.

Analysis and reporting:

Deep analysis and reporting provide important data that helps you optimize your campaigns.

Our services

To meet your needs, we offer flexible cooperation. Whether you need support with one specific aspect of your campaign or a comprehensive strategy from A to Z, we are here to help. We create personalized sales funnels that guide your customers throughout the entire purchasing path, from gaining attention to conversion and maintaining loyalty.

We design sales funnels

We create strategies that guide the customer throughout the entire purchasing journey, maximizing the chances of conversion.

E-mail and SMS Campaign Management

The offer ranges from full campaign management to support at individual stages.

Analytics and Optimization

We analyze data and optimize campaigns to make them even more effective.

Content and Design Creation

We create content and patterns that attract attention and motivate action.

Data Speaks for Itself - Levels of Reachability and Openness

The success of mailing and SMS campaigns depends on many factors, but numbers often say the most about effectiveness. Over the last 5 years, we have seen significant changes in reach and open levels:

Mailing: Average email open rates typically range from 15-25%, but using segmentation and personalization it is possible to significantly increase these rates.

SMS: SMS messages have an even higher open rate, often exceeding 90%.

The advanced tools available in Active Campaigne enable us to constantly monitor and analyze these metrics, enabling us to optimize campaigns in real time to always hit the mark.

Why us?

Experience - Your campaigns are run by experts with many years of experience.

Creativity - Original and innovative solutions that distinguish your brand.

Security - As an Active Campaigne reseller, we ensure that your data is protected by the latest technologies.

Global Support - We serve customers around the world, providing solutions tailored to local markets.

Make Your Messages Count

Every email, every text message can do more. Discover how we can transform your messages into powerful sales and relationship-building tools. Contact us today and ensure that your messages are not only sent, but also reach, engage and convert.

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