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A comprehensive approach to online visibility

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Nowadays, when the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, the presence of a company or brand on the Internet is crucial. Website positioning is a process that allows you to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results, and therefore

– increase in the number of visits and potential customers. In a world where competition is so fierce, effective SEO strategies are extremely valuable.

Website positioning on various CMS platforms

Website positioning is not a uniform and universal process. Various content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop and Magento, although popular, have unique features and require a specific approach. Websites based on these systems often differ in terms of structure, optimization possibilities and available SEO tools. Therefore, positioning strategies may vary depending on used platform.

Additionally, clients often have websites based on proprietary, dedicated solutions. In such cases, an individual approach is necessary, adapting the SEO strategy to the unique structure and functionality of the website. Our experience allows us to work effectively with a variety of systems, providing tailor-made positioning strategies.

Individual approach to valuation

The valuation of website positioning is a process that requires a detailed analysis and an individual approach.


The competitiveness of the industry, the current state of website optimization, selected keywords and assumed goals are taken into account when preparing the cost estimate.


For this reason, it is crucial to conduct an individual consultation during which we will understand your needs, expectations and budget possibilities in order to create an offer that will be as beneficial and effective as possible.

A wide range of strategies: from organic SEO to paid campaigns

Our approach to positioning is based not only on organic SEO activities. We understand that different business goals require different strategies. Depending on your needs and expectations, we can focus our activities on organic positioning, which is based on optimizing the website for search engines and building a valuable link profile. However, we also understand the value of quick results that can be obtained thanks to paid campaigns such as Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

These campaigns allow you to reach a wide group of potential customers in a relatively short time, which may be crucial in the case of seasonal marketing activities or promotions. Additionally, for local businesses, positioning in Google Maps may be particularly important, as it will allow your company to be exposed to local customers and increase the chances of attracting them to your point of sale.


Website positioning is a comprehensive process that takes into account the variety of available platforms and the individual needs of the client. Regardless of whether your website is based on one of the popular CMSs or a dedicated solution, our team is prepared to provide you with an effective SEO strategy. Thanks to an individual approach to each client and the flexible use of various marketing tactics, we strive to achieve your business goals, increasing the visibility of your website on the Internet and attracting potential customers.

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Start a new project with us